Setting up a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine with Xen on Ubuntu

Content Why? Creating your virtual machine Where are the Xen configuration files? Where are the Xen log files? Troubleshooting common problems Was it worth it? Windows performance on Xen Why? At Tickmeet, our build, test and deployment system for our web apps and back-end services are a one-click affair thanks to the awesome TeamCity. Up until now, our TeamCity server lived on a Rackspace Cloud Server. Not because it makes sense to have a CI server in the cloud (hint: it doesn’t). But simply because we happened to have that server lying around when we decided to give TeamCity a try. And as its happens, our playground server ended up becoming our main (and only) CI server. Lately however, that setup started showing its limits. Raw performance of cloud servers aren’t great and prices are astronomical for what you get. CI is a terrible use-case scenario for a … [+]
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